Album Review: Frankie and the No-Go Road, by Rita Hosking

Rita Hosking is one of Davis' most prominent local artists, with a successful folk/country career spanning a decade, her first album debuting in 2005, and her latest, Frankie and the No-Go Road, in 2015. Rita's style echoes old-fashioned Appalacian music, and it is evident on Frankie that she wishes not to vary her style too much but instead embrace it completely. Rita sings with passion and power--her lyrics are both timeless and relevant--and it is those deep, thought-provoking vocals that make this concept album shine, especially on tracks "Power Moving In" and the haunting "Our Land." The most prominent instrument on Frankie is Rita's guitar, which strums along melodically and continuously, bringing cohesiveness and consistency to the album. All in all, Frankie and the No-Go Road is another solid addition to Hosking's catalog and a worthwile listen--for Rita's fans and for anyone who enjoys bluegrass, folk, or country music and excellent songwriting.

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