Album Review: City Painted Gold, by The Brothers Comatose

City Painted Gold.jpg

City Painted Gold

City Painted Gold is the third studio LP from bluegrass-folk band The Brothers Comatose, which will be released on March 11th. Between a solid couple of albums and a energetic live performance, The Brothers Comatose have inspired a loyal following that funded this album on Kickstarter, bringing it into fruition. The frontmen for the group are brothers Ben and Alex Morrison, who provide lead vocals for the band, with Ben on guitar and Alex on the banjo. The first song on the album, "Brothers," is a lively tune that delves into the relationship between the two men. Other members of the group don't dissapoint either, especially Philip Brezina, who plays a mean fiddle. Throughout the album, the energy level is kept high thanks to quick, foot-stomping rythyms and carefree, soaring vocals, most notably on standout tracks "Angelina," a contagiously hopeful love song, and "How the West Was Won," which through its lyrics and quick tempo paints an adventurous and chaotic picture of Manifest Destiny. City Painted Gold is an excellent album that will please fans and newcomers alike, and hopefully we will hear more from these five men soon. 

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