On-Air pitching tips for Fall 2019

FALL 2019

Talking points for on-air pitching -- approach it as a listener and as a DJ

When listing reasons for listeners to donate to KDRT, talk about the aspects of KDRT that you enjoy participating in the most.  Be passionate, upfront, and personal and explain exactly why listeners need to go to their computers and support KDRT.  Consider that it’s possible that listeners are listening via the computer at that very moment.

  •  Talk about the benefits a local radio station brings to Davis.    Besides enhancing out local culture, radio helps during emergencies.
  • BE SURE AND MENTION   “kdrt.org/donate”  as the place to go for donating.
  • Talk about the thank-you gifts that are available at the various levels of pledging:  KDRT T-shirts for a $50  donation, special Fall 2019 "Rootstock" shirt for $70 donation, handmade poster for $20, and an hour of being a guest DJ for $100.   
  • Talk about the monthly recurring donation option:  Listeners can choose to make a monthly donation of their choice, as little as $5-$15 per month.  It’s an amount that is automatically deducted and hardly missed by the donor, but adds up at the end of the year as a generous donation to KDRT.  
  • Talk about KDRT’s programming – music and public affairs with a Davis viewpoint.  Choose 1 or 2 programs that are really make a difference to you as a listener and expound a bit on the sounds and ideas that really appeal to you as a critical listener.
  •  Talk about your own program and the sounds and ideas that you try to get across on a weekly basis. 
  •  Talk about the fact that Davis is very fortunate to have a community media center that includes a local radio station.  Local radio is all but a thing of the past in the post-corporate media takeover.  Low-power FM stations support and reinvigorate communities by telling the local stories and giving voice to local community members and organizations.
  • Talk about KDRT’s place in the local music community.  Think about how KDRT promotes and supports music events with on-air interviews, recordings and live broadcasts at Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, the Davis Music Festival, the Davis Live Music Collective, the Dock Store, and the Second Friday ArtAbout broadcasts from Armadillo Music. 
  • Talk about anything KDRT related that is special to you.


Premiums Available

1.     KDRT is asking for donations, this week only, to help sustain our operations.    For a donation of $70 we’ll send you a special edition KDRT “Rootstock” t-shirt  as a thank you gift featuring the artwork of Gregory Shilling.    For a donation of $100, you can sit in on a radio show and play the music you want over the air!     We love it when you donate, and we love giving gifts to our donors.    Go to kdrt.org/donate, check out the thank you gifts, and please donate!


2.     A strong rootstock allows for amazing growth!    Help us keep our Rootstocks healthy by donating at kdrt.org/donate today.   We are only going to beg this week, and we have gifts to thank you when you donate.   Please go to kdrt.org/donate this week and show OUR roots some love.    That is kdrt.org/donate.

Monthly Donors Needed

3.    ROOTS need regular watering, and if you donate monthly to KDRT, our roots will love you for it.      Please consider a small monthly donation.    Even a small MONTHLY amount really goes a long way towards keep our ROOTS nourished.    Go to kdrt.org/donate this week, and check the monthly donation box, for any amount you’d like.    We LOVE our monthly donors.    Go to kdrt.org/donate to become a monthly donor, at any level.


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