Voting systems -- more thoughts on the election process

This is Lois' third show about elections and voting.  

The first (4 Aug 2016) was talking with the current Yolo County Clerk-Recorder (Jesse Salinas) about how individuals register, who can become registered and when, how to actually vote, absentee and provisional ballot questions, the County's process for counting and reporting, and possible changes in the near future.

The second was talking with Freddie Oakley (a former Yolo County Clerk-Recorder) about how individuals can become active in elections and political life; from voting oneself to working for non-partisan pro-election groups, political parties, initiative campaigns, and lobbying organizations.

Today's show is Lois' thoughts on the actual election systems we use -- and various changes that might make it better.  Do you know different between a "plurality" and a "majority" in elections?  Did you know that the different parties control how their primary elections are counted?  Do you understand the various primary systems used in different states?  (These include a "winner-take-all" -vs- a proportional vote system; and an "if your candidate drops out your vote is thrown away" -vs- a "your candidate's electors are released to vote for someone else" methods.)

Although the citizens of Davis instructed the City to change its election system from "majority" to "plurality", this is not possible until/unless the State of California changes its rules to allow cities to make their own decisions about election practices. (San Francisco can do it, but we can't.)

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