Two sets of Phish opening for Santana, summers '92 and '96

There were two delightful summers where Phish opened for Carlos Santana. The first was a US tour in the sweet summer of 1992, and the second was a bedazzling whirlwind European tour in the sweeter summer of 1996. On one single occasion (yes, only one), Mr. Santana himself (plus percussionists Karl Perazzo and Raul Rekow) sat in for three Phish songs...and we offer this set up for your listening pleasure. The show took place on 7.25.1992 in an all-ages outdoor amphitheater on the side of a mountain in Stowe, Vermont. I wish I had been there, it was a great show.

The second hour is another opener for Santana, this one staged in front of a 10th century Italian cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo in Pistoia, Italy. Can you imagine how good that venue (and show!) must have been? Some Phish...some Santana...some ancient Italian spirituality...aaah...Anyway, this is the set where Trey gets to practice his Italian, he does pretty good. Check it out!


1992-07-25, 1996-07-03 (Taste and llama)

Wasn't Buddy Guy also at the Stowe oerfomance?

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