That's Peiter Pastoor


Peiter Pastoor @ KDRT

Peiter Pastoor, one of the many hosts and DJs on KDRT, shares his personal history and the evolution of his KDRT show -- Listening Lyrics -- in this lively discussion with Lois. 

Did you know that "Dutch", "Holland" and "The Netherlands" all refer to the same place/people? His family left Holland when Peiter was 7, but couldn't get in to the USA. So they moved to Canada and lived there for many years before immigrating to the American plains.

Peiter's stories are fun and fascinating. AND he writes poetry!

He named his program "Listening Lyrics" because so many songs are actually poems set to music and he wanted to help the radio audience really LISTEN to the lyrics and appreciate the words.  What started out as a poetry show has morphed into his current style of interviewing local musicians AND having them play live in the studio.  Yep.  That little shoe-box-sized studio had a seven-member band (with full drum set!) in it last week for his Friday afternoon program.

Here's a fun conversation between friends and coleagues. 

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