That's Paul Hollingshead and his photographs

An interview with a son about treasuring his father's collection.  Paul W Hollingshead was a photographer in Woodland for over 40 years.  Paul and Vera started out with a portrait studio, but found that many folks also wanted pictures of their team, company, or memorable event -- including the 1937 photo (at left) titled "Sweethearts and Police wagon, 21 July 1937" (taken at of a Woodland festival).  Because Paul kept all those negatives, he had an historical treasure trove for Yolo County.  His son, Bill Hollingshead, is donating some prints to the Yolo County Archives -- which is where Lois met him.  And Bill is arranging for displays at Gibson House Museum and elsewhere.  This very interesting interview shares the Hollingshead family history as well as lots of Yolo County history.  That's life. Enjoy!

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