That's Paper Quilling with Sophy


Sophy Lakshmanan

The company Sophy Lakshmanan created for making and teaching Paper Quilling is "Miss Paper Craft", and Sophy had a booth at the Whole Earth Festival -- which is where Lois met her --  selling quilled earrings like the ones she is wearing now.

What is Paper Quilling?  It is the technique of rolling thin strips of paper to form different shapes and designs.  

On her website Sophy says: "I stumbled upon Paper Quilling in 2012 and ever since it has been my goto craft for making handmade gifts for friends and family. When I moved to the US, I noticed that Paper Quilling was not as common as it was back in India. From there one thing led to another and "Miss Paper Craft" was born."  Her company was born in 2021.

When Lois was  her booth at WEF, Sophy had a demo table and gave visitors the materials and instruction to quill a small item.  It was FUN!  

Since this is a radio show, you can't actually SEE what Sophy is talking about.  But you COULD go to her Youtube channel and watch a demonstration at:

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