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Mike Pesola

Construction guru and former KDRT host, Mike Pesola joins Lois to talk about his new book "Courting Sense; the Game Behind the Game of Racquetball".  This is a collections of tales from racquetball which are then related to situations in the business world.  This might seem an odd correlation, but Mike has been playing racquetball as long as he has been in business -- about 30 years -- and has noticed the applicability of lessons from one to the other.  Today's show includes a brief explanation to the game (which was foreign to Lois!) and several readings from Mike's brand new book. reviews this: "A humorous look at the business world as it relates to the game of racquetball; with a few anecdotes thrown in. This book will ring familiar to all of you racquetball players and also will appeal to all of you in the workforce. Hopefully you will see the parallels in your workplace and be able to take something positive from this. Mike ... at the age of sixty-one continues to have a ball playing the game."  Mike's other books are: "Tales from the Jobsite, A Frustrated Contractor Confesses" and  "The Bedrock Guide to Remodeling Success". Detailsof those can be found at:

Mike Pesola has been an occasional expert on this show (being phoned and asked home care or construction questions by Lois) and has also been on the show talking about our experiences with ministry -- Mike about preaching at the Pole Lione Road Baptist Church* and Lois as a member of the Davis Friends Meeting. *Mike's most recent sermon was "Breathing New Life Into Lazarus" on 06/09/2019 and it is archived at 

It was fun to get back together with Mike. I hope you enjoy the chat also. -- Lois

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