That's the Mango Again

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

This is a replay of the 2019 program, so some "dates" may be misleading.

(from the original show's description) "This weekend marks the 40th anniversary for Davis' legendary Blue Mango -- a creative hub, community gathering space, wonderful place to eat!  In this show, Lois interviews some of the founding members of the Blue Mango -- Maura Metz, Ken Kemmerling, and Russell St. Claire. Lots of remembering here!  The show was created particularly to invite YOU to Saturday night's Blue Mango 40th Anniversay Celebration for all folks who were ever involved -- cooking, serving, eating, playing, listening, dancing, or whatever! It's a vegetarian POTLUCK at the Oddfellows Hall (415 Second St) at 6:00 pm -- with music all evening by some of the more than 300 musicians who played at the Blue Mango during its 1979-94 life. More at: and at: is external) (The Mango's Facebook page)."