That's Lisa Schmid

Lois and Lisa Schmid

Lois and Lisa Schmid

This week's local author guest is Lisa Schmid, who has just published her debut novel -- "Ollie Oxley and the  Ghost: The search for lost gold"

Lisa tells us about the process of writing as well as the BUSINESS of being an author. And those are two very differnt things! This book took 8 years from first starting to wtie to the coming out party in June 2019.  First was the idea and the desire to write a story; then teaching herself how to BE a writer; then the actual putting words on paper and having (whew!) finished writing!  Well, not exactly.  After that came the attempts to get someone to consider publishing that story.  Lots of attempts.  Ah-hah!, someone wants to consider it! Sending in a manuscript, getting an editor to agree it should be published, having that editor 'pitch' it to the entire publishing house, getting THEM to agree!, and finally getting a contract. Whew, all done!  Well ... not yet.  Then there start the re-writes.  Suggestions from the publisher on how to improve the work, making changes and sending those in, getting other suggestions, ... (repeat as necessary). Now is it done?  Not quite yet.  The publisher then selects and illustrator and designs a cover and does all the non-text things that happen with making a book.  Finally there's a printed volume!  But it's not yet the ACTUAL book.  This is the pre-copy that get sent to reviewers and other people.  Once there are some reviews to include, the final final FINAL book comes off the press.  It's here!

Time to relax? Nope.  Time, instead, to criss-cross the country doing interviews, going to conferences, and having book-signings in lots of stores.  Also time to share your new baby with kids at schools, libraries,  and anywhere else you can thinks of. You can find free local events on her website:

Lisa has continuted to write as that whole publishing process went on.  So now she and her agent are looking to get a series of 'chapbooks' put.  (Lisa gave a very clear definition of the several levels/styles of children's writing -- beginning with 'picture' books and ending with 'young adult' books.)  Lisa is fun to talk with and we hope she will return next year -- or whenever she has a new title coming out. 

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