That's Life in Your Patch with Mary Scheidt


Mary Schiedt and Lois

My guest today is Mary Scheidt.  She knows so much and is such a good teacher!  Every visit I learn something new or think about things in a different way.  I hope you have a similar experience.  Today included, exploring, birding, plants, and MAKING A REDWOOD HAPPY!  (That "happier redwood" discussion continued with Don Shor in the next hour -- on the Davis Garden Show for 7/22/21.)

This visit we talked about getting to know "your patch" --  your yard, your neighborhood, your region, your climate and ecosystem.  Lois introduced a "hypothetical new birder" to the joys of bird life by setting up a hummingbird feeder and becoming fascinated with those beautiful little friends.  Then we consider how to learn more as you get involved with the hummers lives.  One easy next step if you want to expand your horizons -- a birdbath!   

The BAT TOURS are back!  Mary tells us more about the plans at for this year at the Yolo Basin. 

Easy chat, friendly ideas, laid-back style.  Enjoy!

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