Thats Life: Waterway Cleanup -- A Call to Action!

This Saturday (16 Sept 2017) is the annual California Coastal Clean-up Day and Yolo County areas are included!  Local groups organize various volunteer crews to remove trash from the banks and flood plains of several creeks and streams in the area.  John McNerney (City of Davis) and Amy Williams (Putah Creek Council) explained how what happens here effects the health of our oceans as well as our local fish.  Other area organizations which are leading projects include: Cache Creek Nature Preserve, Putah Creek Trout, River City Rowing Club, Lake Washington Sailing Club, and West Sacramento Bridge District.  If you are out of town that day, there may well be clean up efforts wherever you are -- the California Coastal Commission has information about many areas.  Find them at: 

The discussion ranged further afield than just trash pickup.  We also hear about the changes in management of Putah Creek; the logistics of how the water from Lake Berryessa get to the ocean -- a VERY convoluted process now compared to the historic flows; the return salmon spawning in Putah Creek; and the nitty-gritty of salmon reproduction.  Did you know that when a salmon fish is born it memorizes the TASTE of the water so that it can find its way back to the same stream years later?  Or that salmon don't "have sex"? (Instead a female lays eggs on the bottom of the stream and a male sprinkles sperm on them.) Or that after successfully defending the eggs, the salmon just die?  

So making babies is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Literally.

But making a radio show is a weekly activity.  Hope you will join us again soon for That's Life.

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