That's Life with Scott Evans


Caribbean Prisoner cover

Author, retired professor, writing group leader, Davisite -- these are just some of the ways to describe today's guest, Scott Evans.

Whether you're a mystery enthusiast; or interested in litereary giants such as Hemingway, Shakespeare, or Plath; or want to become an author; or just like reading ... there's something for each of you in this show.   

We start talking about the journal Scott edits -- "Blue Moon: Literary & art review";

then shift to his on-going weekly writers' group;

and move on to Scott's new novel "The Caribbean Prisoner";

then back to the beginning with his 'literary' murder mysteries -- "Tragic Flaws", "First Folio", and "Sylvia’s Secrets";

forward again to his intro of some of the writer (now authors!) in the Thursday group;

and finally settle back for a little history of Scott himself.

In the midst of all that, we hear about the craft of writing -- how, when, why an author does certain things.

As the bio on Scott's website puts it, after telling about his novels and journal: "He has published numerous stories and poems, as well as newspaper articles, and was the recipient of the National Endowment for the Humanities Lectureship in Southern Literature in Louisiana in 1985. When he is not writing, teaching, scuba diving, or sailing on the San Francisco Bay, you will probably find Scott Evans listening to jazz and sipping a martini at a local bar while chatting about books with fellow writers."


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