That's Life with Sara Jolena

[Broadcast on 9/7/2023, 9/14/2023, 9/21/2023.]


Sara Jolena is a Quaker, a  spiritual person, a speaker, a leader, and she's witchie.

What is eco-spiritualism?  What does history have to do with climate change? How are you and I connected?  Today Sara and Lois talk about all those things and more. 

Sara lives in New York but travels to many places to speak and inspire. This month, she is leading a workshop at Ben Lomond Quaker Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains titled  "If Quakers Were Witches: An Exploration of eco-spirituality" (from Friday, Sept. 29, to Sunday, Oct 1, 2023).  More about this program can be found at: .  Her personal and spiritual work can be found in several places online:  Sequoia Samanvaya (an international learning community);  Sara Jolena Wolcott: ReEnchanting Our World (her personal leading); on LinkedIn; and on Facebook.

One of the many things Sara has done is listen to the stories of people she is visiting and "singing back" those tales as original songs made up on the spot. 

An amazing guest makes for a great show!


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