That's Life with Rescue Dog Walking

They started out as a small rescue shelter in southern California.  Well, those rescue-dogs neeed exercize and socializing and there were LOTS more dogs than peope.  So these creative people teamed up with AirBnB to "rent" a walk with one of the dogs.  Win-win-win!  People get some canine time, the dogs get out and about, and the shelter gets donations to keep going.  (By the way, AirBnB donates there services to make reservations for the dog-wlks.)

These folks then started a second project -- a spay and neuter clinic.  The clinic has gone dark during the pandemic, but they hope to start back up soon and even expand next year.

The third project -- and the one I heard about originally -- is "Free Animal Doctor" which uses crowd-sourcing to raise money for animals that need surgery or other medical procedures.  The ANIMAL is being funded, not the animal's 'owner'; meaning the money raised is sent directly to the vet or hospital to pay for the procedure and none of it is ever sent to he owner (which makes fraud improbable).  These people change lives --  over 90% of the campaigns are successful.

Today's interview with Ryan explains a lot about what the non-profit does and  how they do it.   To see the animals, check out .

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