That's Life with Ray Maxwell -- again

[This episode re-aired 2 May 2024.]

Ray Maxwell is a fascinating man.  He has done so many wonderful things, we'd need a month to even  summarize them!  In this episode we touch on a few -- hot air ballooning, finding minerals by looking at vegetation from space, how wind moves over mountain peaks and what those aerial waves and ridges can be used for, changes in vision after cataract surgery, setting up a studio, teaching people to fly (motor planes, gliders, remote control planes, and drones), Vancouver BC Canada, lots of tech, and philosophy.  Although Lois and Ray met thru Office Hours, Ray has many other years of broadcast experience -- radio, tv, podcasting, web streaming, and Youtube.  You can see his face online at: 

Maxwell's House -- "Stop by the house of polymath Ray Maxwell and see what he's investigating today. Ray is a teacher, color scientist, pilot, photographer, Photoshop wizard and raconteur who each week takes on different real-world applications of complex scientific notions."

Many shows on  This Week in Tech  -- Here's one TWIT episode on "How to sell your photographs and services, understanding color, photographing abandoned buildings, and more."  Ray is in many.

Sometimes he's a guest on Mac Break Weekly -- "New lights in the studio, antenna woes, apple emails, iPhone 4 photography, and more.."


[originally aired on 27 January 2022.]

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