That's Life with Ray Franklin

Long-time media man Ray Franklin has retired. 

Well, sort of.  What he actually did was create a new career teaching company execs how to be more effective in their in-person presentations and on-line meetings.  And, yes, he wrote a book about it.  

We first met on Office Hours and After Hours.  Ray has also come to many of the rehearsals for "Birding With Lois" since we started practicing in February.  In the course of being a stand-in for not-yet-acquired panelists,  Ray got to pose questions and get answers.  Then he started upgrading his systems for birding in his back yard -- new birdfeeder, new understanding of some of his feathered neighbors, and a new interest in the life around their Florida lake-side home.

Lots of rambling stories in this episode.  Lots of laughter also.  Hope you enjoy!

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