That's Life with Mitch Hill

The Radio Guy. The Video Guy. The Voice-over Guy. 

They are all the same guy -- Mitchell Hill.  And, I'll add, a Good Guy to have as a friend!  (Also a guy to ask to be a Guest Host on the next show.  He said YES!)

Mitch is a main-stay on the Office Hours panel; sometimes being the "Reader" -- the person who reads each question for the show.  And I guess that makes sense because Mitch has a very good, well-trained voice and knows how to use it.  Today's show is most a 'getting to know Mitch' show.  With lots of voices thrown in. Or thrown around. Or just thrown.

Expect to be ...

Well, just expect the unexpected.  

Broadcast  May 5th and 12th of 2022.


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