That's Life with Judy Fjell, part 1

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JudyFjell ThisSideThatSide 2016

In the 1980s, oneof the best-loved performers of Women's Music was Judy Fjell.  She wrote her own songs, performed widely, and was an uplifting singer to listen to.  In 2016, Judy Fjell re-issued her 1985 album as a CD -- "This Side, That Side". -- which is the focus of this episode. [Re-played in 2021.]

Since then, Judy has continued singing, writing, an performing -- but she has also taught many others to sing and write.  Her music camps ... well, I think she says it best on her current (2021) website at -- 

"Judy has written and recorded over 20 album collections, published several songbooks and ukulele instructional books, and continues to teach and perform from her home in Helena, Montana."

There you can "enjoy over 70 of her recorded songs (for free) on Judy's Radio;  access "Song Lyrics"; check out the accomplishments of her ukulele and guitar students; see photos show good times with the fun-loving women of Summersing Camp, Judy's teaching adventures in Japan, activism in Montana with the Cool Water Hula,  the creation of the Earth Goddess Puppet Synnøvei and more."



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