That's Life for Jazz and Its Cousins


What's related to what?  It's complicated.

Producing the KDRT radio progam "Jazz After Dark", our own Don Shor knows a lot about jazz and its roots.  Also about some of the spin-offs that have happened over time.  But after talking to him today Lois came away a little dizzy. 

It seems that each individual jazz player/ singer/ artist can add whatever flavor they want to their improv in the middle of a jazz performance. A little of this and a bit of that are just fine on a jazz record.

On the other hand, performers in other genres can "jazz it up" and slide their sounds over into jazz -- either by intent or by chance.

Ancestors or antecedents, some "cousins" of jazz have strong lines thru the jazz genre, while others derive from the parents of jazz.  Did I mention that jazz has LOTS of parents?

Don explains all this better than I can, so listen to the show to find out more about your jazzy family tree.

[This episode was re-broadcast on 18 and 25 April 2024.]

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