That's Life in Hawaii with Beth Post


Beth Post at KDRT


[This 2022 show is based on a 2018 interview, re-cut and music added at the end.]

KDRT's Hawaiian expert Beth Post is today's guest. Her radio show "Na Mele O Hawaii" is one of the most popular on this station!  And the story of how it came to be and what changes it has made in her family's is fascinating.

Beth first became involved with KDRT when a  friend started the "Road Scholar" show about home-schooling and needed a back up. Beth and her daughter started helping out and eventually doing it all on their own.  After a few years, the kids got older and that show was no longer of as much interest.

Beth's daughter went on to school and Beth -- having gotten a taste of sharing on the radio -- was left on her own.  When she approached Jeff about having a new music show, his first question was: "So what kind of music do you plan to play?"

Since there was already a great classical show and several of other genres, Beth had to think hard about what she could offer that was different. Ah-HAH!  She had enough Hawaiian music CDs to do 10 half-hour shows.  Which was enough time to see if this thing would really fly.

But Beth, being Beth, would not be satisfied just playing a song and announcing the title.  No.  She wanted to give more info about each song and artist -- background  for the people and origins of the songs.  "And how do you pronounce that?"  So she started researching, began to learn Hawaiian language, and launched her new show. 

But that research turned out to not effect just the show.  As she learned more about Hawaii, she fell in love with the culture as well as the music.

Fast forward to now ... She and her family  have been making the journay to a week-long immersion camp in Maui for years; she says her values have shifted for the better; and now she hosts visiting Hawaiian artists, produces music videos on DCTV, and is widely regarded as a local Hawaiian music expert.  She is also organizing 'house concerts' for guest performers from the islands. 

A good friend and an interesting chat.  Hope you will join us.

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