That's Life for Don Shor

Lois Richter says: In today's show, I talk with the "mystery man" Don Shor. Why do I call him a mystery man? Although I talk to Don every week about the Davis Garden Show (which we co-host), Don usually keeps himself to himself about non-plant-related things. He is a master of the terse reply: How are things at your farm? "Fine." What's happening with you? "I'm okay."

HOWEVER...  Today I got to interview him about his life, so I finally got answers to some questions! Did you know he never had a full-time job working for someone? Instead he went directly from graduating from UC Davis to opening a business in town -- Redwood Barn Nursery -- and will have been doing that for 40 years come August. Lots of history here. I've known Don since my days as a DCTV producer (1992-2003) and because I have known him so long, I could even ask him to explain things that happened 20 years ago. Lots more history! We ended discussing his plans for the future -- and, no, there will be no public tours at the farm.

BONUS!  A reading of the list of social action musicians recently posted by Holly Near.

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