That's Life with David Hosley


David Hosley interview

David Hosley had led a very full life. Lois could have interviewed him about many many different things and filled up a show -- his long media career (starting at age 12!), being a renowned investigative reporter,  teaching at various colleges and universities, UC administration, managing LOTS of radio and tv stations, producing six documentaries, training journalists in ethics, heading non-profits, talking about the history of migration into California and the challenges of life in the San Joaquin valley, and sharing thoughts on community, economy, social assumptions, and why people work after retirement.  As I say, we COULD have filled up an hour on any of those.  Instead, because we met working together on a project of the Davis Genealogy Club, we started with family history and went from there. 

So how do I know all those other things about David Hosley? We actually touch on them all during this show!  Jam-packed and fully loaded, this episode is definitely a keeper.

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