That's Life: author Fallon O'Neill

Davis author Fallon O'Neill is today's guest.  He has published two of his  "Geist" trilogy so far -- "Geist: Prelude"  and "Geist: Intermezzo" -- and the third -- "Geist: Scherzo" -- is coming out in 2 weeks (15 Nov 2021).  Fallon is working on the fourth book now; with more expected in the future.  Writing is his life's work.

Another writer who is part of the Blue Moon Thursday Group, Fallon found them in high school and credits that group with encouraging him to write, continue, and improve as an author. 

For more about him and all his books, visit:

UPDATE!!!  Geist: Scherzo has been released!  Here is the Amazon link.

PS: This episode also aired on 11-10-2021.


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