That's Life with art and birds in Maui

[Broadcast on 8/3/2023 and 8/10/2023.]

Kristina Mekdeci was born with an artistic talent. And she has lived her life exploring and creating art of various sorts.

She wrote "There exists a variety of art styles, so why restrict one’s artistic freedom to only one style?"

Kristina is always pushing the limits in visual communication. Her style brings up a feeling of joy inside the viewer while also telling a story of the possible realities we appear to be living in. Each series is uniquely different while still expressing an overwhelming theme of bright colors and flat 2D brush strokes.  You can watch many of her educational art videos on her YouTube Channel   Kre8withKristina.  and more info about her at her website.

By the way, she lives with several birds that are included in this recording.

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