That's Life with Ann Ranlett


Ann Ranlett + scratches

[Re-played 02/09/2023. Original interview in 2018.]


Ann Ranlett is an artist.  A SCRATCHBOARD artist.  What's that, you say?  Listen to today's show and find out!

Lois found Ann while researching a 'drawing' to be donated to the Friends of Art for their auction at the Yolo County Fair.   Once Lois figuring out this was not a drawing, but actually a scratchboard; she tried to find a gathering place of such folks to see if anyone know more about artist Friend.  Although she did find such a group, alas, no one knew that artist.   (Do you know a local artist named "H. Friend" who was been making things in 1972?)

But during those communications, Lois discovered that Ann Ranlett lived in northern California and was willing to come and be interviewed!  Which brings us to this show.

If you want to follow along during Ann's description of how scratchboarding is done, look at where Ann has posted, step-by-step, the process she used to make Lucy's portrait. 


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