That's the Library and Friends

Two guests today.  Librarian Scott Love managed several branches of the Yolo County Library system, includnig the two libraries in Davis. Rory Osborne is president of ...   Friends of the Davis Public Library. Or  the Davis Friends of the Library.  Or Friends of the Davis Library.  

Whatever it's called, this is volunteer organization turns donated books into cash -- to help support our Library and its many programs.

A timely update on the current situation with our library, info about upcoming events, and some ways YOU can help make things happen.  

What could you do?    * donate books *    ** sort the donations into categories -- biography, cooking, sci-fi, mysteries, ... *   ** make the monthly sale happen -- set up, cashier, take down, ... *    ** BUY BOOKS at Logos Books (volunteer-run store downtown) and at the monthly sale *   ** mend books *   ** help with a special event -- literacy, English conversation practice, Reading Garden, maker space, ... *

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