That's Jeff Kubiak


One Drop Of Kindness cover

Another fine author -- Jeff Kubiak -- tells us about his children's book about kindness, his process, and where he's going now.  "One Drop of Kindness is all it takes to fill a heart with love!​"

From his website at we learn:

"Jeff taught for ten years as an elementary school teacher in grades 4, 5, and 6 and has eight years of administrative experience. Jeff loves children's literature and "One Drop of Kindness" is Jeff's first published children's book. He hopes to continue writing books that bring about character change and inspiring others to help make our world a better place." and 

"Kindness...for some, it comes so easy, but for others, it can be a struggle. The answer often lies in a person’s story. Meet Gus, a one-time orphan who goes through life thinking that hurtful words and actions are the only way to behave and communicate with others. Interestingly, Gus lives in a town that holds a mysterious secret which finally gets unlocked by something that was hidden away. By unlocking this secret, you too can join the ripple effect of kindness!!"

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