That's Greg McPherson and Tree Davis

Trees are a passion for Greg McPherson.   He is a retired Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service's Pacific Southwest Research Station in Davis, CA  and serves on the Board of Directors for the local nonprofit Tree Davis. He's pictured here in Tree Davis' Memorial Tree Grove.  In today's interview on "That's Life", we learn about a program he leads called the Great Tree Search.  Follow that link to see a video about Tree Davis' Great Tree Search, and a detailed map describing the 31 current designees.  Also discussed is the current Community Canopy grant project with the City of Davis, with the goal of planting 1,000 climate-ready trees in Davis by 2022.  Although the pandemic has caused a temporary cancellation of the typical Saturday morning community volunteer planting events, Tree Davis continues to plant new trees and collaborates with home owners during the plantings.  If you would like to request a free tree from the Community Canopy program link here to apply.

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