That's Gitane

     Gitane is another talk show host here at KDRT.  With her weekly program "Heart to Heart" (live Wenzdays at noon), she has been a mainstay of our station since it first opened.  Listen today to hear about this facinating French woman and stories of how she came to be here and now.  

     Growing up in French Canada, moving to the States, getting a PhD, being a professional when women were scarce in her field, hosting her own show for years on a commercial station in Florida (where she was known as "Dr G"), living in LOTS of places, and being involved in Davis for many years now.  Her first name is Gitane. Her last name is Gitane. Her ONLY name is Gitane! (If I were to try and show the pronunciation, I'd probably write it as  zhe-TAHN [the "G" is soft and the name rhymes with "on"].)  

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