That's Getting Started with Genealogy


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Today Lisa, Jan, and Lois -- three people interested and experienced in Genealogy -- share tips for anyone wanting to study their family's history.  Hear about resources and groups of like-minded-seekers.  From the local Davis Genealogy Club (, to historical societies and other groups focussed on the people of a particular PLACE, to regional groups that can help you find those local resources, to TOPICAL groups (German, adopted, military, railroad, etc), to SURNAME groups, to historical resources (newspapers, indexes, Find-a-Grave), to VITAL RECORDS (birth certificates, marriage records, etc) -- there is lots of information shared in this program.  Also stories about personal experiences that can be either cautions or inspirations.

"Genealogy" means  discovering who your ancestors are, where they lived, and (hopefully) finding stories to flesh out the  bare bones of your past. So that your research is not lost if no one in your family carries it on, Lois suggests using the worldwide database  It is a free online public UNIVERSAL family tree started and maintained by the LDS church.  (Because this database does not share info about living persons, it is useful for searching for relatives and ancestors without having the to worry about identity theft.)  You can look at things without adding your own material; or you can add your information for others to use.

Researching and recalling your own family history  can be a most interesting activity!  As Jan says, "It's in my genes."


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