That's Genealogy Again


Dora Richter

On 19 March, we replayed a recent interview with Sue Torgeson about GENEALOGY -- aka Family History. 

Today "Genealogy" means the same as "Family History".  That is, discovering who your ancestors are, where they lived, and (hopefully) find stories to flesh out the  bare bones of the past. Today Lois Richter and Sue Torguson suggest how to get started, where and how to organize your data, some resource ideas, and they share personal stories from their own explorations of years gone by.  Featured are the local Davis Genealogy Club and the worldwide place to share your work as well as regional and topical groups and clubs.


STATION STILL CLOSED!   Unless (until?) Lois can get it together to create radio programs at home, KDRT will be re-playing some "That's Life" older episodes in this timeslot.  Lois is fine.  That's Life is planned to be created at home in the future.  Support for KDRT is always welcome.