That's DCTV, SCA, and Sharla Hardy


Sharla Hardy over rainbow-crew-slide

Today on "That's Life", Lois and Sharla Hardy talk about DCTV, SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), brother Jim, art, history, and shared experiences. "Don't mix ammonia with clorox!"

If you watched any of Lois' DCTV productions (from 1992 thru 2003), you saw some wonderful camera work by Sharla Hardy.  She was part of the repetoire crew that helped me produced many shows and several series -- mostly running a camera, but occasionally on as a guest.  Our last series was "Thoughtfulness"  -- an eclectic production that ran weekly for several years.  (Sort of like this radio program, but with moving images!) 

Sharla has been my friend for over 20 years and I thought it was time to catch up with her; so I'm doing that now and you're invited to listen in on our chat!


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