That's City Business for Now


Bear hunting = FOUND

Bob Bowen has been working for the City of Davis for over 40 years.  In addition to his being in charge of Public Relations for the city, he is also a well-known historian of Davis.  

Today Lois and Bob talk about how our businesses are doing; what plans there are to find more space for them to spread into when they re-open; what businesses are not returning; and what's happening with the "Davis Crafts and Vintae Fair" vendors.  We also talk about new physical amenities; how the City staff are holding up; and what procedural changes we might see soon.  Finally, we get personal -- chatting about wishes and ideas and general Davisite stuff.

I also tell him about 'bear hunting' in Davis (hence the picture of Hugs and friends in my car!)  

Thanks for listening in.

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