That's Another Hiccup in My Life


On 4 November 2023, Lois fell in the shower and broke her hip.  The next day she had surgery (at Sutter Davis Hospital) to replace part of her femur with a titanium ball.  Surgery went well and Lois is recovering nicely.  She spent a couple weeks in URC's "skilled nursing facility" and arrived back home 11-22-23.  (With more medication, PT exercises, and a little less energy than before.)  Walking improves weekly, but it will be May before she is driving again.

So Lois has not made any new "That's Life" shows for a while.  Various re-runs were aired from mid-November -- chosen by KDRT's Jeff Shaw from the 18+ years worth of archives of TL episodes held at the station.  Lois expects to return to creating new TL shows, but we're not sure when.  (On the other hand, Don Shor continued to meet with Lois on zoom and so only one episode of "Davis Garden Show" was missed.)

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-- Lois Richter,

1315 Torrey St, Davis CA 95618 

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