That's 50 Years of Birding!

[Broadcast 1/19/2023, 1/26/2023, and 2/2/2023.]


Former Davisite and long-time friend, Elizabeth Gould has been birding for 50 years

Today she shares her experiences -- where she went, what she saw, and how it felt to be there.  Lots of info and interesting chatter today. 

And if you want to SEE what these birds look like, keep an eye on and check out Elizabeth's appearance there in the future.


PS:  Elizabeth's appearance on "Birding With Lois", planned for February 2023, has been put on hold indefinitely due to Lois' February heart attack. Expectations are that  "Birding With Lois" will continue at some time in the future.  Updates will be posted on that website as things progress.  

PPS: Lois got one stent, has recovered, and is doing well.



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