Talking about the Enterprise with its editor, Debbie Davis

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Debbie Davis has been the editor in charge of the 115-year-old Davis Enterprise for 30 years (the fact that she and the town share the same name is coincidental). Although the newspaper business is not what it was, here or anywhere, her oversight of the publication’s editorial side makes her one of the most influential people in town. She estimates that between its print and online presence, the Enterprise reaches more than half of Davis. On today’s Davisville, she talks about the newspaper’s health, web strategy—posting its articles to Twitter and Facebook has helped the Enterprise’s online traffic double over the past year—emphasis on local news, competition (the Davis Vanguard, Patch, Davis Dirt), what she tells people when they tell her they don’t read the Enterprise, and what she says is the most misunderstood part of her job: the idea that she has lots of time to ponder issues. Davis is editor and assistant publisher, but it’s high-volume work.

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