Pamela Cohen shares the story of the Purple Tree Cafe, on Imagining Yolo Davis, July 21, 2023

Pamela Cohen, founder and board member of Purple Tree Cafe, shares the story of the Davis nonprofit on the latest Imagining Yolo Davis.
Purple Tree Café creates community-based employment for people with disabilities and brings people with and without disabilities together through food, art, and music. It offers handcrafted vegan and wheat-free baked goods, and organic iced tea and other beverages, at the Davis Farmers Market and other events, often serving from its signature bicycle-driven coffee cart -- an icon in bike-friendly Davis.
Purple Tree also sponsors music events featuring performers with and without disabilities. "We plan to continue to expand opportunities to provide employment, food, fun, and a welcoming space for all."
The Purple Tree cafe also created the Team Davis Singers -- check out Singers' website to see some amazing videos.