A New Album from the band Téada and Traditional Tunes

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This week on Celtic Songlines we feature several tunes from "As the Day Brightens" a new release from the band Téada. We lean traditional this week with selections from Cherish the Ladies, Florie Brown & Margie Butler, The Johnston's, the band Oige, Martin Hayes, Billy Mccomiskey, Michaél Ó Heidin,  Natalie MacMaster, Natalie Padilla with Blayne Chastain and Peter Romero, and Solas.

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Great set Dave! The set before last was pretty wild! I should have been there dancing the night away with a dark eyed fair Colleen! Sadly I was somewhere else... story of my life BUT remind me to retell the story of the Police Sargeants daughter met on a dancefloor upstairs of a pub at Listanvarna a few moons ago...I could easily be milking cows and digging peat on the wild west coast of Ireland right now!!!

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