Mele O Hawaii Jul 12th, 2012


Aloha again Beth / 'Anake Peka,
I was wondering -why is not the current day's show playing from 10-11 a.m? I have been trying to listen on Thursdays at 10 a.m. for three weeks now- when I thought Mele O'Hawaii is supposed to be on the airwaves and I have been so disappointed to not find it being broadcast (live). I see they are downloaded at a later time- Do you pre-record your shows? But still, I am very much enjoying your wonderful shows and have started listening to your archives- the first broadcast back in 2011 and plan to listen to all of them. Great subjects and wonderfully informative to haoles like me- about the beauty of each island! With each show every week I am learning about the different places on each island, as well as many Hawaiian olelo and certainly about the people and things there.
Much mahalo!!!!!!!
Stacey McDonald

Hi Stacey-
I'm so sorry that I've not been able to supply new music every week. The June 21st (Mele o manu - songs of birds) and July 5th (tribute to John Koko and a bunch of Gabby Pahinui) shows are new (live), but the June 28th and July 12 show were repeats of a February show. June 28th was due to a studio mishap in which I could not get into the studio for showtime, and July 12 was because I was out of town and did not have a sub.

Currently, all shows are live. Repeats occur because of situations like those mentioned above. We're not currently set up to prerecord and send to the studio for post-up during live show time, but we're working on it.

Please stick with me, Stacey. I'm back live this week (July 19) and for the following 5 weeks, odd mishaps notwithstanding. This week's show will be about vessels on the water (boats, ships, and outriggers!). Please tune in!

Auntie Peka

Stacey - I'm so happy you're digging into the archives. Thank you for taking the time to do so. I'm very happy that you're enjoying them so much, and hope I can continue to bring the good stuff each week!
Auntie Peka

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