Mary Schiedt: Birds, Bats, and Banter (That's Life, 30June 2016, interview by Lois Richter)

Mary Schiedt

This week Lois' friend Mary Schiedt comes over to chat with her about birds, Yolo Basin Wetlands, and life in general.  Always a fun, casual session of smiles and rambling, these two never know what topic will come up or where some discussion might lead.  Mary is very knowledgeable about birds, birding, and the natural world; as well as being smart, funny, and able to play with words. (Any time you see Mary is presenting a talk, it's well worth being there!  Her "Bat Talks" are a special treat; as are her beginning birding tours at California Duck Days.)  Nothing earth-shaking on today's show; just some good info, light laughter, and lots of smiling.

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