Margaret pus macaron equals business


Margaret Waterhouse's Margaron

Hometown gal makes good!  And makes good margaron!

     Margaret Waterhouse is the baker and seller of her dessert specialty -- the Margaron -- and the owner of her own two-year-old company, W. Margaron. The W. is for her surname (Waterhouse) and Margaron is a word she made up -- a merging of Margaret and macaron.

     That famous French cookie, the "macaron", was just the starting point for Margaret.  She kept the meringue and nut flours, but dropped the fake coloring and reduced the sugar.  Then she added many unusual flavors -- some sweet, some more savory -- to make this collection of special treats uniquely her own.  Using local ingredients is important to her, as is being a part of the community of farmers and others at the Davis Farmer's Night Market (Wenzdays) where she has a regular booth.

     But today's discussion focussed less on the cookie and much more on this young woman and her first venture into business. 

     Get to know one of your neighbors in this show.  (You can see more pictures and read articles about her at: )

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