Live Tracks for Feb 18th, 2021: Joy and Madness Erupts!

In February 2019, the eight piece soul and funk band  Joy and Madness exploded onto the stage at Odd Fellows Hall, and kept the crowd dancing throughout the evening.  Jim "Live Tracks" Buchanan recorded this epic, joy-filled event and shares it tonight.  Joy and Madness describe their sound as "a raucous mix of raw stonesy energy, pulsing groove, and juicy horn lines coloring tightly crafted songs". They’ve shared the stage with other high energy performers such as Tower of Power, Trombone Shorty, and Collective Soul. They describe their front man and vocalist Hans Eberbach as bringing so much freewheeling energy to the stage, that he has literally broken right through the floorboards. "His raw, open connection with the audience breaks down barriers and pulls everyone together into the excitement of the experience".