Live Tracks for 7:00pm on May 20th, 2021

  Perhaps you went to the Blue Mango?  Bill Scholer and Jan Peters sure did, and played there often.  Live Tracks plays some songs recorded in October 2019 at the site of the Blue Mango (now the Paradise Bar & Grille) with Jan Peters on vocals and harmonica, Bill Scholer (guitar/vocals), Steve O'Neill (bass), Cedar Seeger (guitar) and Bart Van der Zeeuw (drums).

  In the other hour and a half of the program, you will hear Sandy Coldiron (w/Jan Peters) from 2012 perform her haunting song "Here's To Us."  New Words (from the 1940 Webster Collegiate Dictionary) debuts as a new irregular segment on Live Tracks.  And to ease the mania filled mind that describes 21st century life in California, sit back with your cool beverage and float along with the Twanglers, Muddy Waders, Quitters, Boca do Rio and Achilles Wheel Trio.  Peace.