Live Tracks for 7:00pm on Jul 1st, 2021

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

  Three performances make up this program.  The first is Me & Him (Kurt Roggli and Martin Lewis) from December of 2016.  Next is Misner and Smith with special guest Josh Yenne from May of 2014.  The second hour features the Mendocino Quartet (Steven Bates, David Hayes, Gwyneth Moreland and Gene Parsons). circa 2018.

   Distinctive harmonies are what this program is all about.  Instrumental guitar duo Me & Him play their Martin guitars so fluently that two guitars sound, at times, like three or four.  Wonderful rich songs, some steeped in the history of Wales. 

  Josh Yenne provides additional support to the creative folk songs of Misner and Smith.  A real treat for those who are well versed in the songs of this fabulous duo.

  The songs of the Mendocino Quartet feature four part harmonies.  Each vocalist takes a turn at singing lead, depending on the song (and who wrote it!).

  The program has a feel good feel about it.  Perfect for the 4th of July, or anytime.  Peace.