The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Oct 26th, 2018

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

This week on the GR we are featuring the GD’s October 31, 1971 Halloween show recorded live at the Ohio Theatre in Columbus, Ohio. This is our nod to many folks old and young’s favorite holiday, Halloween! The second set from this show was released as DP 2 way back in 1995 and features the marvelous melodic DS>Sug Mag with the Tighten Up Jam. But what is really cool is that the whole show recently came into circulation. So, this evening we hear the better part of the first set (mostly the all then brand-new songs) and the entire second set. This show was the last show of ten with the new guy KG on keys. Pig of course was convalescing but rejoined the band on Dec 1 in Boston.