The Golden Road for 7:00pm on Aug 24th, 2018

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Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia began their long musical partnership in 1961 as the duo Bob & Jerry. Known mostly as the Grateful Dead’s primary songwriter, Hunter also had a solo career and Hunter was often joined by Garcia in the studio on these various solo projects, where they recorded some very fine music together. We here at the Golden Road thinks it’s about time to dig into to these wonderful musical collaborations by our musical heroes. Accordingly, this week we are highlighting music recorded together by Bob & Jerry with songs selections that runs the gamut from Bob & Jerry in May 1961 to Hunter’s 1970s albums Tales of the Great Rum Runners and Tiger Rose to Hunter’s 1980 LP Jack O’ Roses to the Jerry Garcia Band backing up Robert Hunter to a taste of acoustic Jerry from the February 1986 Marin Vet show. Lots of good tunes this week folk!