The Five Thirty visits Listening Lyrics, recorded on Mar 9th, 2018


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After rocking their homecoming dance in 2015, The Five Thirty - the name taken from the band's childhood area code - began concocting their diverse style, reminiscent of classic rock, pop and funk in a Heat Stroke inducing loft in Davis, California. The band owes their genre bending capability to a myriad of artists not limited to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zeppelin, and Paramore. The powerful trio fronted by Ben Simmons (Vocals/Guitar) and joined by brother Brian Simmons (Drums) and Alex Timmons (Bass) all grew up in similar music circles, performing shows from a young age with their own separate groups at RockBand University. Ben began producing music professionally at fourteen and met Alex during a recording session. He has a strong musical gut coupled by a facility of the fretboard, and brings his experience with being a singer-songwriter to the band platform. Brian utilizes his Taiko drumming roots, technical know-how, and business logic to propel the band's creativity and productivity. Timmons is the most well rounded artist of the bunch, contributing clear vision through multimedia (music, photography, film, drawing and painting, fashion) and making The Five Thirty a band to be experienced both aurally and visually. Their independent approach has allowed this productive dynamic to be unbothered. Heading into their third year as a band, The Five Thirty has built a recording studio inside their new home in Northern California. They are creating around the clock, honing in their skills behind the desk, and making sure their live performances are red hot.