East Coast Mashup Oct 14th, 2009


Hi Ali and Mimi, Thanks for another great show. I appreciate hearing" Friends". That one rarely ever gets on the air.The "greatest Discovery" is one of my all time favorites." Pretty Woman" was a nice touch also. All you needed was "Me and Bobby Mc Gee" by Janice Joplin !! Catch you again next week. Ned

Ned, isn't it incredible that I was born at home? Total freak accident.

What an incredible coincidence. I have a daughter about your age that was also born at home.I have a picture of her 2 older syblings peering into the bassinette at their "greatest discovery".

Wow that's really funny because I have two older siblings and they pushed me down so much that i stopped trying to walk and started using my arms for support like my ancestors the chimps do.

Well I guess they didn't keep you down for long! CLEARLY you are soaring along the airwaves now.

i read there was a freak accident of birth by a chimp at home who works buttons on the air waves. east coast mashup means a whole lot more than could be imagined...

sounds strange

you think that's strange, you should listen in...

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